Monday, August 1, 2011

Wake On Lan..not so easy.

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Hi, just a quick tutorial on how to make you pc wake up remotely
from sleep mode. One would think that this is just one click
operation, but no:

NB: Mind you this is a ASUS P5Q deluxe motherboard- sure
settings are different on other mb.

1. BIOS: you need to enable wake on LAN or as in my case:
Power- APM configuration - Power on by PCI = Enabled
Advanced - Marvell LAN 2- LAN Boot Rom = Enabled

2. Win7 :
Control panel- Network and Sharing Center- Change adapter settings:
Right click on the "Local Area Connection" in use, then click configure.
Choose the Advance tab: "Energy Star" =Disabled,
"Wake From Shutdown" = On,
Power Management tab: All of the checkboxes should be checked.

3. Install a program which sends the magic packet.
simple, but does the job.

PS: there is also an Android app for this at Android Market.
NB -When using the phone you have to establish a VPN
connection before using the WOL application.

4. Now you can use Remote desktop or something similar to connect to your pc.

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